Preventive Maintenance for Critical Infrastructure: The Key to Ensuring CI Performance and Resilience

May 10, 2024

 Published in Security Middle East Magazine - Issue 137

The utilities sector is the backbone of the modern economy. By providing essential public services like electricity, clean water, and gas, utility organizations help to improve the quality of human life and also spur a nation’s social and economic growth. It’s a fact that in every country, utilities are considered critical infrastructure. It’s also a fact that any breakdowns or disruptions in this infrastructure can have catastrophic consequences for that country. To avoid these consequences, it’s vital to safeguard utility systems from the threats, vulnerabilities, and day-to-day wear-and-tear that may adversely affect their operations and performance. And this starts with preventive maintenance. Maximizing equipment uptime boosts its productivity, reliability, and stability. Less downtime also translates to longer asset lifecycles, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and a higher return on investment (ROI).

Preventive maintenance activities can also highlight safety issues, enabling utility decision-makers to take steps to enhance worker safety. Also, by reducing the probability of accidents and injuries, they can avoid costly legal liabilities and consistently comply with various health and safety regulations.

Effective Preventive Maintenance of CI with AI-powered Surveillance

Continuous surveillance is the foundation of preventive maintenance in utility settings. A robust surveillance system with high-resolution and ruggedly-designed cameras provides 24x7 monitoring of the entire facility and its assets. It provides continued and detailed visibility that can help floor managers and maintenance personnel to proactively identify the machinery or equipment that requires repairs or updates to prevent breakdowns. A unified system of connected cameras, video recorders, sensors, alarms, and monitoring stations enables personnel to schedule regular inspections, cleaning tasks, or repairs to ensure regular equipment upkeep and prevent disruptive or costly failures.

AI-powered surveillance systems enable utilities to go even further than preventive maintenance - to predictive maintenance. These advanced systems........


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