Building a Unified Security Framework for Smart Cities: Open Video Management Systems at the Heart of Smart City Collaboration

November 17, 2023

The key to robust security in smart cities: integrated security infrastructure with a video management system at its heart

Smart cities are the future of urbanization and human society in MENA and elsewhere. But for citizens to enjoy all the benefits of these tech-powered cities, planners and decision-makers must first address several security and safety challenges. Many have made a great start to achieving this aim by implementing security devices like ultra HD surveillance cameras, thermal traffic cameras, next-gen sensors, and automated number plate readers (ANPRs).

But more often than not, these devices work in siloes, weakening smart city security and increasing the management burden for security personnel. For reliable, robust security, disparate devices must be well-integrated with each other. They should deliver valuable, actionable intelligence that decision-makers can harness to identify risks and enable coordinated and timely incident response. And last but not least, all the devices in the smart city’s security infrastructure must be easy to manage and customize, ideally from a centralized console with a user-friendly interface and features.

All these needs can be easily satisfied with a video management system (VMS) and the support of an expert system integrator. The best integrators implement complex security deployments with VMS at the core to provide city-wide security coverage and enable smart cities to respond effectively when under threat. And MVP Tech – Convergint ticks these boxes with ease.

What is a Video Management System for Smart Cities?

What is a Video Management System for Smart Cities?

A VMS combines software with hardware. The software works with and integrates all the surveillance hardware that makes up a smart city’s security infrastructure, such as cameras, alarms, ANPRs, and sensors. It provides a single platform and a simple visual console to monitor and review video from multiple systems in the security infrastructure, and effortlessly manage them all. The VMS also allows security teams to add or remove components to the infrastructure as new threats emerge and the city’s security landscape changes.

A VMS with AI capabilities functions as a centralized and intelligent “command center” for the smart city. Data from various devices is collated and automatically analyzed to detect threats and raise alarms, facilitating fast action and providing more proactive and effective security for the entire city. The analyses can also be customized to mask certain footage areas to satisfy privacy requirements.

How Smart Cities Can Benefit from a Video Management System

A VMS integrates multiple devices into a unified ecosystem. Its single centralized interface eliminates the need for personnel to individually access each system to review security information. Advanced VMS also apply AI-driven video analytics to all incoming video content and generate actionable insights in real-time. Moreover, when specific pre-set conditions are met, the system automatically triggers alerts – also in real-time. Security decision-makers can use these insights and alarms to identify threat scenarios, speed up decision-making, and quickly and proactively address security incidents.

Another benefit of a VMS is that it enables city officials, law enforcement agencies, and other key stakeholder to share crucial information, insights, and recommendations with each other. By doing so, they can better understand the city’s security needs and determine what measures are needed to optimize its security and safety.

Learn How a VMS Strengthens, Simplifies, and Optimizes a Smart City’s Unified Security Infrastructure

Prioritize your smart city’s safety and security with a unified security framework and a powerful, yet easy-to-use VMS.

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